master seamstress, I am not.

Do you remember the blanket/sleeping mat that I sewed for Jordan?  I didn’t really measure it.  I just eyeballed the fabric, made a loose plan in my head and started sewing.  I only had to rip the seams one time… ha ha. I was quite proud of it. sent it to school with him.. and then when I went to pick him up from school, he was laying on the carpet and using the sleeping bag as a blanket.  When we got home, I layed it out on the living room carpet and asked him if he knew how to use it.  He says yes and climbs into the sleeping bag.  his head is on the carpet and the blanket part is about up to his chest. I am floored. WHAA!? I sent you to school with a blanket that was too small?  Okay son, we’ll go back to the fabric store tomorrow and get more fabric and make you a bigger one.  Fast Forward to early saturday morning at the Fabric Mart.  Picking up the same fabric and buying more than I did the last time and while I was there, I saw some super cute fabric that made me think of a friend of mine, so i picked up a yard of that as well. 



We came home, washed the fabric and I started ironing. I measured his height and added some and cut the fabric.  I started sewing it and then for some reason went to look at the old “too short” sleeping bag. what?! they are like the same size!  Jordan, please come here. I lay the old one down again and ask him to please climb in it again.  He does. I say, please scoot all the way in until your feet are at the bottom. THAT sleeping bag fit him perfectly. aw, man! I figure, oh, well, it’s already sewing, I might as well complete the second one.  So here it is, sleeping bag, v2.


my first attempt at creating my own bias tape! :) not too bad.


and as for that other fabric?  take a peek and see if you can guess who it reminded me of?


I sewed up an apron for my pal and mailed it off on Monday.  I’m hoping it’ll arrive to her soon! (surprise!) my first try at sewing with piping.


sometimes I see something and can’t help but think of friends. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Love Love and Blog you later!

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11 thoughts on “master seamstress, I am not.

  1. Hey there,
    Love the sleeping bag and the apron. The piping on the apron looks fabulous to me. The fabric for the sleeping bag is the same stuff I bought to make curtains in my boys room, except my background is black instead of blue :)

  2. Hey Gurl–you did a beautiful job on your sewing projects–Seamstress you are!–Hope all is well with you and the boys–Tell hubby i said “hey and i have him and his buddies in prayer while they’re away”–love ya gurl!!!

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