Jordan’s big week

So Jordan started his new preschool this week. Well, sorta started.  They really take into consideration that some kids have never been to preschool or day care, or even out of sight of mom…. (or other primary caregiver).  Monday was the parent’s orientation.  We learned the rules of the school, proper protocols and all that preschool stuff.  Tuesday we had a home visit.  Jordan’s two teachers (Aunty Chris and Aunty Elaine) came by for a quick visit in the early afternoon.  and no, we’re not related to them, it’s a Hawaii thing to call elders Aunty and uncle.  comes in handy when you run into your friend’s mom that you can’t remember her name… You just say, Hi Aunty! :) and it’s all good.  Wednesday was a day off (they were visiting other families) and Thursday was the first day of school for Jordan. sort of. You see, there are 20 kids in the class and they are divided into 4 groups of 4-5 kids.    Our group of 4 met for an hour (with a parent, and Jalen had to go with my mom) at the school so the kids could learn a few things about school.  I love that they start the day with an activity and then the group starts with prayer and song.  Jordan was sad that it was only an hour and did not want to leave when our time was up.  Friday was another visit for an hour with 8 kids, but parents only had to stay for the check in, morning activity/reading and then the kids went with the teachers for the remainder of the hour. Jalen and I sat in the van while I continued to crochet his scarf and laughing over charlie and the chocolate factory on the iPod.


do you see that young lady on the left? that’s Aunty Chris, his teacher. she’s soo sweet!

here’s my monkey hanging around!


This week we also took a trip to Fabric Mart to buy some fabric to make a sleeping bag/mat for nap-time at school.  I ended up not buying quite enough fabric.  I originally had envisioned a lined sleeping bag with flannel on the inside and cool car/surfboard print on the outside.  I thought if I folded it in half it would be a good size, but when I got it home, I thought it might be too narrow. anyway, I ended up using some blue chambray that I have had forever.  (originally bought it to make slip covers for our old couch)  I like the final result, even though I was somewhat of a bone head and had to rip the seam one time.


I also had a strip of left over fabric, so I stitched up some simple drawstring bags, one wide and two narrow.  The boys are enjoying those, and I’m wanting to make some of my own :)


This morning we had fried rice for breakfast.  Flat dad is hanging with the bananas in the bottom right side of the picture and Jordan is doing his new found thing, trying to dodge the camera.


Today I’ll be working on a few projects! Thanks for stopping by!

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Love Love and Blog you Later,

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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8 thoughts on “Jordan’s big week

    1. Yeah, give me two more weeks before both boys are in school “all day”. Jordan will still have half days on Wednesdays and Jalen has early days on Thursdays… and hello. I’m your mostly friendly chauffeur. ;)

  1. hey gurl—i have you on my google reader–whenever i see you popup, i can’t wait to read your post—plus i love the photos you post of the island and your family—beautiful!!!–so add me to yours when you can!!!

  2. Wondering what the parents do who do not know how to sew and make a sleeping/nap bag?

    You are very talented, don’t know how you have time for so many things. Enjoy your blog and tweets.

    No. VA

    1. thanks Marilyn! :) I guess they buy one at the store? I usually sleep about 6 hours a night and don’t watch much tv. ;) unless it’s playing in the background while I’m doing something else.

  3. Hi Joscie! Yes, I have you in my reader. Jordan is a cutie! I was sad for about two days when both my boys were in school full time, and then I discovered how much I could get done without interruptions! lol!! Have a great Sunday!

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