Flickr Friday and the half blood prince!

Every month on the second Friday of the month, we get together at noon for lunch at different spots around Honolulu.  The group is usually a moderate sized group and various levels of photography skills and equipment.  Every one is friendly and helpful and always willing to field questions and I really am thankful for the meetings.  This month’s meet-up was at the food court at Ala Moana Shopping Center.    I brought my ttv setup and had some fun.  My friend Kyle shot these of me and my ttv:

3711894320_b919985933 3711083119_0781705f44

We had our lunch, Jordan and I shared some char siu bao (Manapua) and rice cake, while Troy and Jalen had Korean food.
I love this shot I got of my cute hubby! :)
Jalen playing Super Mario Brothers…
Some ttv fun:
IMG_3055 IMG_3053
IMG_3052 IMG_3045
IMG_3057 IMG_3074

and Jalen shooting his own photos :)


these were in the window at the Kate Spade store:



Jalen on the Escalator and some mochi in a display at shirokiya.

IMG_3125 IMG_3131

for the red challenge: both of these shots were inside the Williams Sonoma Store. I was struck by the candy apple red finish and glass bowl!


and this i found utterly comical. would you really wear an apron with a pig on it? hee hee! this is a mannequin in the same store.


and on Sunday, we got to go to a FREE sneak peek on the Marine Base over in Kaneohe. I’ve had that note on a post-it for about a month now, reminding me.  After church on Sunday, we drove over to Kaneohe to get in with 850+ Harry Potter Fans and watch The Half Blood Prince.  We got our seats around noon and had a two hour wait.  No electronic devices allowed inside the theater. No cell phones, no ds, no cameras etc.  They even had a cell phone check, like a coat check, only crazier~!


the movie started at 2 and went for almost 3 hours. I will not spoil anything for anyone, I will just say, it was very nice and familiar. To see the faces of our favorite characters, a little more grown up, and wonderful adventure.  and I loved that they used some of the same music.  You see, we are the type of nerds to buy soundtracks from our favorites like star wars, indiana jones and harry potter and we listen on the ipod in the car. so when the music played in the movie, we all just grinned from ear to ear.  It was a great movie and I can’t wait to watch it again!

check out the cell phone/electronic device check after the movie:


and a blurry picture of the boys next to the signs:


before the movie, during the two hour wait, they did Harry Potter Trivia and Jalen answered a tough question (name the four houses and their mascots) and won mini golf and movie vouchers! I was so proud that he answered the question over the mic so well!

Today we went out shopping for school supplies, and I am so glad and proud and relieved to say, we’re done. We checked everything off the list, including and ukulele ;)  I have to say I was so proud of the boys for behaving so well (we’re all human and not always this lucky) while we ate our lunch, two older ladies came by and complimented the boys for being so well behaved. Yay for them making good choices!  we even celebrated with icees at target when the last bit was completed.

Next weekend I’m doing the Scott Kelby world wide photo walk, right here in Honolulu. Are you participating in your area?  I’d love to hear it. also are you participating in the red photo challenge? let me know!

I am going to figure out what’s for dinner now and I’ll check back with you lovelies later!

Love Love and blog you later!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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9 thoughts on “Flickr Friday and the half blood prince!

  1. You got to see Harry Potter already!? So jealous. I’m going with my daughter and her friend Tuesday midnight. YEA for Jalen for answering those questions. Maybe I could name the houses, a couple of mascots, but not all!

    And as always, awesome photos.

  2. My mom has tickets for the showing here at Fort Lewis and I decided that 1. 1.5 hours es TOO FAR even for harry AND 2. those seats are WAAAAY to uncomfortable! So mebe I’ll see it next week… when the social media scene here isn’t so busy… mebe… LOVE the TTV photos though!

  3. The movie was great! Thanks for telling us about it :) It was fun chatting with you guys there. Congrats Jalen for answering a tough question!

  4. Hi :) Can you explain to me what you are using for the ttv? I have the camera( a collection), but i thought you just sat that down in front of your digi camera and looked thru the lens…lol I havent even tried this but i love the gritty lens look, etc I can’t wait to see Harry Potter!! New Moon is the one i CAN’T WAIT for lol :)

  5. We just returned from seeing HP. I enjoyed it, although it was my least favorite book… just because it’s kinda sad. The 5th and the last book were my favorites. Yeah for Jalen!! WTG. :)

  6. love those ttv shots… now I need to look into that!
    Those are so cool!! how long is that lens on your camera inside the thing? I want to see the one you were taking in that pic…of your converse!

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