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So I finished it! It only took me two trips back to get more yarn… but I finally finished the scarf.  I love it and think it’s so cute. don’t know when exactly I’ll get to wear it, but anyway. here it is!




I am so happy with it.  My only problem was it took so much work to get it done, although I enjoyed the process, I kept thinking, I have projects to scrap!

And not only was I distracted with crochet, I also got some legos and jewelry findings and put together some lego jewelry.  I’ll tell you, I saw this idea for the lego earrings on etsy and was instantly smitten.  after all, lego has consumed our household.  but I wanted something more than just a pair of earrings. I tend to go a little overboard on somethings, you may have noticed.  I think it’s a touch of OCD, but again, I digress.  I ordered the goodies and put them together… and I present Lego earrings:


I have lots of colors of those round legos to swap out… and while I was at it, I made two more pair of lego earrings (if they strike your fancy… let me know, we can negotiate an arrangement)


i like these, the clear ones remind me of toy lover’s diamonds…


and of course, I had to make a bracelet to go with my earrings…(you can see it in the scarf picture up there too)


and as if that were not enough distraction… I have been fascinated with TTV (through the viewfinder) pictures since I first saw them on Tara Whitney’s blog last year.  It’s when you take a picture through the viewfinder of another camera. it adds a cool black frame, dust, texture etc. Troy asked me, “…and why do you want to do this?”  I say, because it’s cool, that’s why. and that’s good enough reason for me.  well, I hadn’t actually tried it, just played a little with fake ttv using frames online and photoshop.  but a few weeks ago, I saw a tutorial online about creating a ttv device and it said the viewfinder cameras were readily available online via ebay for about $20.  I had assumed it would be an expensive endeavor, but as it turns out, I got a new/old kodak duaflex IV (and flash) on ebay for only $10!  here she is, isn’t she purty?! ( I am thoroughly enjoying this and it was well worth the $10 plus shipping)


so here are my first ttv attempts.



then yesterday I took the set up with us to get some shave ice at Shimazu’s on School street. YUUM!


and lastly, my new new toy. I was interested in the Polaroid POGO printer. It prints on special paper with no ink. one 2×3 self adhesive photo from your cell phone (through bluetooth) or from your digital camera with firewire cable and one minute later… a mediocre print. I’ll have to say it was probably a waste of money.  I am working on it though.


so that’s it for now.  next time I’ll share my scrapbook dimensions projects. and hopefully I’ll have some other goodies to share soon too.

Love Love and Blog you later!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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11 thoughts on “checking in

  1. love the scarf!!!

    may collapse from the heat exhaustion while wearing the scarf but you’ll definitely look cute doing so!! =)

  2. Well, if you are ever stranded on an island, you can make Polaroid photos to scrap with! The Lego jewelry is so stinkin’ cute! I LOVE it!

    It gets really, I mean REALLY, cold in the winter here in PA…. ;) So…. if you don’t want the scarf…. hehe

  3. i am totally in love with the lego jewlery! i would totally buy a bracelet from you. :)

    and, of course, your scarf is darling! you could head out to wa for some scarf using weather this winter. :)


  4. WOW 2 the WEEEEEE!—i’m proud of you for completing your project—you did a beautiful jon—and i love the colors—you are too cute!—now, this is what i wanna know—are you going tomake jewelry and scraves and sell them?—if so, i would love to have a set of the earrings and bracelet–i may have to put my order in early for the scarf, too—you’re totally awesome gurlfriend—its so good to see you as always—live in the moment and remain blessed!!!

  5. Scarf looks great. I think it looks nice with what you have on in the picture, also think the colors are very denim friendly. Maybe not “summer” friendly but think you will have opportunities in fall/winter/spring (hopefully in Hawaii).

  6. you can totally send your scarf to me in Chicago! ha ha! I wear one every day in the winter here :)

    love your bracelets too…very sweet…

    I took a photography class in college using one of the old cameras, and I could never get the upside-down-backwards thing.

  7. Joscie-

    Hey, it’s JAmie Q from CKMB. My dd is turning 11 (gasp) in August and I’d love to purchase the Lego earings and bracelet, and even a necklace. Please let me know what you’d charge, and I will put a check in the mail this week. Love it!

    Jamie Q

  8. You are amazing…so many things you’re fab at! LOVE the scarf…I’m also a little obsessed with crocheting…and the lego jewelry! If you sell the, let me know! :)

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