I am alive!

It’s been a while! Boy, nothing like coming home from vacation to set you up for needing another one, eh?  We decided, okay I decided that we needed to attack our back yard and eradicate the weeds.  When we moved into this house in August of 2007 the landscape guys seeded our lawn.  I got out there when I could to weed out the little pests and was doing a pretty good job. Then as the grass really grew in, the landscape company came in to take care of the lawn, with their dirty equiptment.  They introduced more and more weed seeds until our lawn was nothing but weeds and some grass.  I mostly just ignored it and focused on doing other things inside, but recently declared NO MORE WEEDS!  we dug up the back yard (a smallish fenced in area) and got out as many weeds as possible and planted grass.  We bought trays of grass but not enough to lay it like sod, hey that’s a lotta jack! we cut it up in little squares and put it out. we’ve been watering and continuing the weeding process and hopefully before we move out of here in 3 years there’ll be grass back there.

Miss Mint is celebrating Peppermint Creative’s Birthday with a huge sale, have you checked it out yet? also there’s a new freebie out called April Morning.

I created this layout with that kit, click for details:


Flat Joscie is headed to Canada to visit with Miss Mint, I can’t wait!

Love Love and blog you later!

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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3 thoughts on “I am alive!

  1. Glad to hear you vacation was wonderful! I love you LO and what a great sale by Miss Mint! Last year we tried to spray away all the weeds with chemical stuff and just ended up with brown spotty grass! haha I wouldn’t recommend it!

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