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Happy Fat Tuesday!

February 24th, 2009 · 9 Comments · flatJoscie, Food, Hawaii, scrapbook


Happy Fat Tuesday!  That’s the day before ash Wednesday/Mardi Gras/Malasada Day.  So as not to break tradition, Jordan and I headed down to Leonard’s Bakery in Waimalu to pick up some Malasadas.  These hot, sweet deep fried yeasty sugary bits are so so good!  We picked up some for Jalen’s class to enjoy and some to bring home for the family! :)

We’re also hosting flat stanley who is visiting from Seattle, WA! So far he’s visited the school, leonard’s and the commissary.  I’m hoping to get out to some other great sites before he has to return.

I forgot to share this layout All New Miss Mint’s Wild Hearts Papers, Wild Hearts Elements, Valentines Tickets, Machine Stitches 2, Alpha Roughed Up Pink, Stitched Sequins, Journal Stickers. I was trying to get a new avatar picture and Jordan wanted to climb up in my lap to pose with me. I was so happy to get these shots!


and my last finished project is for the Concroption.com DT atc swap.  The theme is love songs, but I just can’t get David Archuletta’s song CRUSH out of my head, so I went with that. ;)  I painted the 7gypsies atcs carribean blue (myFAVORITE) cut out some white felt clouds and sewed on red heart buttons (from walmart).  I also printed some words from the song with PSE/Printer/my handwriting font from yourfont.com.


I am currently working on an altered project for a concroption challenge, and thinking about other hybrid projects on the horizon.

Flat Joscie went to CHA with PrimaDonna Liz Hicks and had quite a time! Liz took her on a tour of all the coolest things, I am so thankful for Liz.  Flat Joscie made it to the glitz girls CHA recap video, met up with Vicki Boutin, Donna Salazar and Leah Fung… I can’t wait to read her travel journal.  Flat Joscie is heading to the big easy, if she’s not there already… to spend some time with Veronica (MissOnigur) in New Orleans… and then to Canada to visit none other than the fabulous Miss Mint! :)

Oh, and one last tidbit… Did you know Creating Keepsakes has a blog? I have been following it since it just started recently… I won a giveaway on the blog, yay! :)

I hope you’re all having a great day! :)

Love Love and Blog you Later! :)

Joscie, rhymes with bossy

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  • Allie

    And happy all of those days to you! We have been bombarded w/ king cakes at our office. Too much sugar for me. Cute cute LO and ATC! Can’t wait to get it. Such a great idea to use your font.

  • Kim Watson

    Aloha! you sweet thing!! How have you been?? I think it is time we had another ‘chat’ again, what do you think?
    I read about the Malasadas and realised I remembered your post about them last year….geepers I can’t believe a year has passed already. They look yum I must say!
    Your page is SO cute, I love the sequin trim :o)
    Oh & thanks for the link to the CK blog…I am going to head over there right now.
    Have a super day (or night heehee!)

  • Chrispea from PGH

    Such a yummy post! Yummy food, yummy layout, yummy atc’s! Congrats on the ck blog win. Lucky!!

  • lacey

    That looks sooo yummy to me right now! :) I love the pic of you and the little one- so sweet! :)

  • Lynn

    I was the same way with my “love song”…not sure it really is but I couldn’t stop singing it every time I thought about what to do! So I went with it! It is one of my favorite songs! :) Glad your printer worked on the paint for you!

  • Veronica aka Miss Onigur

    Hey, you made it!!! {your flat self!} but, you were a day late for the Mardi Gras festivities. :( Oh well. We’ll still have a good time!
    Your layouts look great!

  • noel culbertson

    hey girl. thanks for taking such good care of emma’s flat stanley. you’re the best!!!

  • Eileen

    I love this layout of you and Jordan. The colors are captivating but the pictures are SO SWEET. Great job!

  • Cris

    I love those pancakes and especially fat tuesday! Can’t wait for it next year!!

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