I’m so glad to be back in the blog mode.  I have been incredibly busy this week!  My mom reminded me about a craft fair I agreed to do with her friend… So I have been making cards, making cards, making cards.  I finished a hundred and called it done.  Luckily her friend is going to handle the card sales for me and I’ll find out on Tuesday how it went.

Yesterday was the start of Geek Week in Hawaii.  The inaugural event was Mactoberfest.  A day long event at the University of Hawaii Campus put on by Hawaii Macintosh & Apple Users’ Society, Inc. (HMAUS) a group I recently joined.  They are a great group of geeks interested in learning anything new and relevant when it comes to Technology.  and they don’t even bug me about being a PC user.  The Key Note Speaker was Lorelle VanFossen ( @lorellonwp ), an author, WP Guru, Woopra Expert and Nature Photographer.  Hello? Could I be any more excited and interested?

We also heard from Lorenz Sell ( @Lorenz )of a cool photo organizing/sharing program.

We learned about Studio Artist Softwarefrom John Dalton.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  An incredible software package that creates cool animation/texture/renderings. just amazing.

The day culminated with Hawaii Geek Talk with Burt Lum ( @bytemarks ) Ryan Ozawa ( @hawaii ) and panelists Lorell VanFossen ( @lorellonwp ) Neenz Faleafine ( @NEENZ) and Bob Lew.  Door Prizes- flash drives, tshirts, software, iTunes card, Chili’s card,  a 500 gig external drive and a gift card for a 3G iPhone.

the alltop street team was in full force! :)  We scored some alltop stickers! :)

I enjoyed learning new things (Hello Woopra! ) and hanging with other flickr/tweeps ! :)  I am so thankful my mom was available to watch the boys so that Troy and I could get our geek on!

On Wednesday I’ll be going to a WebWeavers workshop with Adrienne Palmer ( @adriennepalmer ) where Lorell will be teaching WordPress.  I can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “Mactoberfest

  1. Are you kidding me? 100 cards? You did deserve some time away! Glad you had fun…now how soon till we draw you to the world of Mac?

  2. wow a good picture of me! it’s a first! :)

    I had so much fun too … wish we could have a geek month — maybe next year?

  3. Oooh! what a great event….you must have learned so much? Nothing like that ever happens here :o) Your photographs, as usual, are fabulous…clever thing!! How is the stock thing working out?
    I look forward to chatting soon my sweet friend. Big hugs to you & your boys.
    P.S. Watch the mail :o)

  4. Hello Joscie,

    Thank you for posting such nice pictures of Lorenz and the first slide of the iLovePhotos presentation.

    We had a blast at Macoctoberfest this past October. I could not see all of the presentations because I was manning the iLovePhotos table outside.

    We’ll be releasing a new version of our software soon, so stay tuned! : )



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