The days are quickly slipping away…

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday Morning. only three more days of school this year. I feel an urgency to plan our entire summer’s worth of activities. why is it that I am such a control freak that needs a list, itinerary or something before I can do it? I don’t know. Jeanne asked why Jalen had a 2ND grade graduation… The school Jalen goes to used to go from Preschool to 2ND grade. This year they added a 3rd grade class, and I guess because of the tradition of holding a 2nd grade graduation, they held a 2/3 grade graduation ceremony. I think it’s silly to have a graduation for 2ND graders since 3rd grade is now an option, but most of the kids are moving and Jalen is only one of 4 third graders enrolled next year. Today is PJ day and he is wearing Lightning McQueen PJs. I just feel weird sending him to school in pjs. and they are not the pjs he wore last night either. Is that weird that I made him change from one set of PJs to another? Probably. oh well. we all know i have issues.

Thanks for all the kind words about the puzzle pieces, I got those out in the mail yesterday :)
I also received the sweetest RAK from Mary Lou (mll) on CK MB… some sweet Making Memories goodness, and can you believe, I didn’t have any of that?! I Love it!

I also received a Borders Git card from my friend Liz the other day and I finally got a chance to head down to Borders at Windward Mall this weekend. I love gift cards! The opportunity to pick out your own goodies, guilt free! I also am a member of their discount club so I had a 25% off coupon to use with my gift card, and I got the cutest book ever!

I ordered from this week a book recommended by the apron swap leader A is for Apron. OH my goodness, I could barely resist all that rickrack. rick rack, ribbons, buttons and pompom trim hold me in their hypnotic grips… :) I also got a little pocket book called apronisms to send to my apron swap lady! :)

I have two baby cards and gifts to get made/packed and mailed out (both boys :)) a hybrid project, 2 teacher gifts… hmmm the list is getting longer every second. I also have 2 ispys to catch up on and a olw layout I’d like to do….

Yesterday I got a sweet call from my hubby saying, did you know there is a carrier in port? I thought it would make a great ispy or picture of the day or whatever…. Isn’t he the sweetest to think about my daily photographic escapades? I just love that man! :)
hmmm, where can I park to get a picture?
just park on the bridge
uhhh, i think there are no parking signs,hmmm, i’ll go check it out.

so Jordan and i pack up in the van and head down to the USS Missouri memorial and park (and I think of Christie=Missouri)… we get out the stroller (absolutely necessary to keep everyone safe!) and the camera gear and head down to the pier to see if I can get some shots… here they are… This is the USS Missouri:

I love these. this is what the ships tie up to when they are in port. When Troy was assigned to ships we’d always go down to the pier and watch the ship pull in and the sailors tie up the ship. This to me means the ship is in port. Troy gets to come home. Just a little happiness. :)

this is the Arizona memorial and the USS Nimitz.
here is another shot of the Nimitz. It is HUUUGE. this shot is a little deceiving because it’s from one end and it’s hard to grasp the enormity of it. Look closely. do you see all that gear on the top? those are planes!!!
Here is a side view shot as I drove by on the bridge. NOTE the no parking sign. he he!
Now this is an amphib ship. also known as a gator freighter. the USS Tarawa was getting underway and headed home. They had a tiger cruise, where family and friends can fly out to Honolulu and ride the ship home. Pretty exciting but strange concept I think to allow civilians to ride a ship for possibly the first time. It’s hard to grasp the enormity of these ships… until you take a close look at the details!

Troy tells me, look at that square door right there… it’s 12 feet high!

and look at all those people just on the very end. it really is amazing something so huge can still float and go so fast!I also got a few shots of the USS Okahoma (and I think of my friend Susan and picher, ok) Memorial. It really strikes me that each of these pillars represent a person. a human being gone.
I have never had any veggies actually grow, so i am very excited about my cucumbers! Here is a shot from yesterday and today… :) and the pumpkin seed is sprouting too!

Thanks for visiting, I really appreciate your visits and comments. I will try to answer any questions in the following posts. :) Have you seen, I added an option to subscribe to my blog through email, If you’re interested. :) Have a great day, and I’ll blog you later!

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15 thoughts on “The days are quickly slipping away…

  1. Joscie…thanks for the “tour” of the ships and memeorial. Love your photos & descriptions. They really put things in perspective. It can’t help but touch your heart.

  2. That is so cool J! :) I’ll have to direct my husband to this when he gets home from his business trip (1 1/2 weeks!! can you believe it! geez!)Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  3. Such amazing pictures Joscie! I love love love visiting your blog to see the wonderful scenery that you have around you! Hopefully we can get to Hawaii someday and see it for ourselves! Have a wonderful day! :)

  4. I just love all the pictures you post!! That’s so sweet of your hubby to find you good photo ops! Sounds like a great guy :)

  5. Hey, I’m the author of The Apron Book and Apronisms. Thank you for purchasing my little bookie for your swap friend. The photo of the destroyer Nimitz was quite a startle – my father’s 1945 naval Commendation was signed by Fleet Admiral, C.W. Nimitz!
    such a sweet family photo – cherish this time!
    Tie One On…an apron, of course!

  6. Love the books you’ve chosen – you and I have similar likes! Except, I’m not that good at sewing. Well, gotta start somewhere I guess. :)

  7. Oooh! that apron book looks interesting…..hows that huge green ric-rac???

    I am blown away at the RAK you recieved….it is so generous! She knows you so well!!!

    You photographs of the ships are quite something….they are truly HUGE!
    Catch a hug friend!

  8. I bet I’d use my apron more if it were as cute as that one…I will have to get back into sewing.

    I did some handwork last week, made simple pillows for the girls with felt, embroidery floss and buttons…looked a bit like the “softies!”

  9. Love the “Ship Memorial Tour” made me miss the “Arizona.” I was there when they resurfaced the marble floor.It was soooo cool! Got a piece of it as a momento {it’s somewhere!} Of course this was, umm, @ OMG! 30 yrs ago! I need to go back. Good luck on your plants!! Love to watch the progress.

  10. Your pics of the ships were fantastic. We went to the USS Arizona Memorial on Sat. It was amazing/touching to see it and all the memoribilia in the museum. I’d love to go the the Mighty Mo and the other ships out there.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I once was lucky enough to spend the day on a dependent cruise on my husband submarine! I am now an honorary submariner! Six hours out to dive depth, a few dives, then six hours back! It was fun!

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