spring break, week 2

It’s the start of week 2 of spring break…. week 2 you ask? Yep, we’re on the year-round school schedule. we start in July, get 2 weeks in the fall, get 3 weeks at CHristmas, 2 weeks for spring… get out of school in May. It’s been a busy but fun break so far. We have played in the backyard pool (yep the inflatable kind), playdoh, coloring, bubbles, hungry hippos, chutes and ladders, the Bee Movie, the mall, and reading reading reading. Pastor Jim lent us some of his favorite kid books and they are funny! We have been enjoying them for a few days.

catching up on POTD :
3.21.08 a full moon looking cool :) 3.22.08 Jordan gets bubbles on demand … bubbles now! 3.23.08 the cross at church… people bring flowers to put on it for Easter 3.24.08 Mario and Luigi…

I finally got to Liz’s circle journal. It was so quick and easy, I feel bad for waiting so long, but I am so happy with how it came out….
I used Stampin’ Up aqua cardstock, KI lace paper and aqua glitter MM stickers. i love how it came out! I give thanks 4: Jesus Christ, my family, good health, a house, electricity, air conditioning, clean water, being an american, living in paradise, my van, good scissors, my camera, scrapbooking, ink, paper, makeup, charmin, puffs…

I was out at my lss on saturday (while shopping for apron fabric) and saw these super cute acrylic stamps that I had to get for Happy Scrappy Sam…. so I made a card for her like this page:

there is a new challenge up for the taG team… the pinkest girliest layout wins a super cute little pink suitcase.
Our Aiea United Methodist Church Scrapbook group is meeting on Friday night at the Church. If you are interested in joining us, it’s 6-9 pm. give me an email if you want to join in joscelyne@cutchens.com .

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4 thoughts on “spring break, week 2

  1. Hiya! guys!!! I’ve missed reading your blog…sorry I have just been so busy! Boy…your posts are real newsy :o) I love that!

    Your spring break sounds like fun!

    FAB moon pic! what a shot!!

    Cute circle journal! LOVE that white KI…haven’t seen it here in the LSS only online…..time to order out :o)

  2. I look forward to seeing the fabric you chose for your apron…and the finished product! I think I’m going to make one. I don’t know about the swap, but if mine turns out okay, I might!

    What a great idea to have everyone bring flowers for the cross! It’s beautiful.

  3. First of all, I LOVE the mini book! You’re such a creative soul. Second, how sweet are you to make me such a cute card?! I adore it and can’t wait to see it IRL. Lastly, those pictures are just great. I love the cross decorated with all the flowers. It’s simply beautiful.

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